What brougnt you to start in the PW business?

I’m just curious what brought each of you to work in this industry?

For me, I was looking to start a business my wife could run and enjoy. I lived in Ocala Fl many years ago before I left for the Navy and had worked for a guy doing PW and really enjoyed it. My wife is OCD when it comes to cleaning so I thougnt she would enjoy it too, and she does. It was a cheap investment to get into so I figuree why not. Now, we are track to a very successful business. We ran this business for only 6 months of the year last year and still quadrupled what she was earning in her job that she quit to do this. I hope to be able to quit my job within the next year and do this full time.
Our 18 year old son loves doing this work and is very good at it. I hope to serup another trailer soon and put him to work with his own crew.
There are a great bunch of guys here and I really enjoy chatting and learning from all of you.

Window cleaner who was tired of leaving money on the table when
people asked me to wash their house. So we now wash homes.
Window cleaning 13 years, 4th up coming season house washing.
Thad, William, Guy Blackmon, Tim Fields, JC, others I have not
mentioned, I thank for the info they so kindly shared on this and
other forums. Read for 2 winter seasons before starting washing.


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My wife and I are considering adding window washing to our services. Mainly commercial windows although we have done some that were requested by our PW customers.

I was a fireman who washed in the side and ending up quitting to do this full time. Washing is one of the few things that I have grown to hate work a passion but I can’t figure a way out of it. To old to learn new tricks so here I am for a few more years.

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I was a union millwright in a steel mill making good money …but I am fairly young and new I needed a back up plan so I bought a 4000 psi 4 gpm unit just to have …two years later was laid off…I knew I would not find a job making anywhere near what I was so I currently work a supervisor midnight shift in a factory and wash during the day and weekends…

I love meeting new people and “exploring” the local communities…everyday is something different…I’m not sure why exactly but I am obsessed with pressure washing my wife says I’m sick hahaha…

Sorry, all…I went on a bit of a rant…anyway, I love how William can always be counted on to be a straight shooter!

I’m currently a police officer. I have 7 more years before I retire. I spoke to a retired police officer over a year ago and i worked for him for several months and he actually encouraged me to venture out on my own. I was going to wait but decided to go ahead since my son can begin to help in the business in a few years. Now I use this as my overtime to make extra money and so far it has turned out to be better than I expected. My biggest issue is I’m not much of a salesman so drumming up business has been slow as a beginner.


Looking for ways to provide additional streams of income to help pay for vacations and toys. Plus side is spending some quality time with my youngest brother who will be home for two years before shipping out to the Military.

I hate grime; it puts me in the OCD zone!

I haven’t technically got in the business yet but I’m thinking by end of april ill be up and running. getting closer to retirement have some start up money avail and felt this was a great way to start my business and build something for my family

still looking for guidance

The Money make $400 min in 2, 3 hours job… I to love the results make something look so CLEAN…
customers are happy to see a finished job…

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For me it is going to be a side hustle. I was VERY skeptical about softwashing until I had my house washed a few years ago, and was amazed at how it restored that new look and said to myself, I can do that! My little 3100 PSI 2.6 GPM machine is just way too much work.
I have some HOA jobs lined up for this spring, so, we shall see if it works out.
If not, I have a very expensive set of toy to play with for a while.
And, I can do my own house, deck and surface cleaning indefinately.