What are you reading now?

I like to consider myself a fairly avid reader… Actually “listener”…

I just finished [B]Built to Sell

[/B]Really great book, great concepts and it moved fast. I would highly recommend it.

What are you reading?

I’ll check it out. Last business book read was Simple Numbers. I got a lot out of it.

Just finished “The Knack”. Great book, on to the next one!

I’m reading this forum… lol… Sorry, Just finished the Knack also

Im about 1/2 way through that now…

Update still only 1/2 way through it… :slight_smile: I find it hard to actually sit down and read I wish it was available as an audio… :frowning:

Yesterday I listend to the 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing. It was really good, short, simple, cheap and to the point. 9 buck on itunes.

Reading Business By The Book by Larry Burkett right now. Just started it.

Street Smarts

Chris I find it interesting that you “listen” to so many books…

I am the same way, way to much a.d.d. half the time to sit for more than an hour
to read.

What do you do when listening to books? Are you multi-tasking while listening?
Or are you just sitting around focusing on what you are listening to??


Hey Kyle

Usually I am driving, or doing some sort of work around the house… Today I was putting a couple trees in, listening to the Steve Jobs book.

Hey Clark

The PWRA has hired the folks that wrote simple #s to do a 2 part webinar series for us… The first one will be in October…

That’s good news.

Read the E Myth Book and loved it. This one is far better even. Especially for pressure washing companies.

The Pressure Cleaning Marketing Bible -

Amazon has it available to be delivered to your door.

I’m reading this forum thread right now.

Canterbury tales by Chaucer. Business wise - some stuff by dave ramsey on negotiating. Pretty interesting stuff