What are you doing today

Im hoping to finish up my deck… But I cant seem to get in gear… Slow start to the day…

What are you up to?

Planting our vegetable garden and yard work.

Worked with kids with special needs teaching them golf. Over to mother in laws to work on pool. Home to mow the lawn and now my back is in total spasm. Everyone is going to have to step up next week because I don’t think I’m going to be doing much more than driving for a few days.

Heading out to my close friends house around my block there’s a party for his Son Robert who’s leaving for the Army on May 29th. His father Jimmy I used to pass on window cleaning jobs to. Jimmy was affected by the 9-11 attacks http://articles.nydailynews.com/2009-11-19/news/17940588_1_pancreatic-cancer-friend-and-fellow-firefighter-older-men
And died the day after coaching his youngest daughter Maddie in basketball who’s my youngest daughters life best friend since birth. Jimmy died aprox 2 am at home when he sat down after arranging the presents Santa left under the tree on x-mas day… http://www.newsday.com/long-island/obituaries/fdny-firefighter-jim-ryan-of-kings-park-48-dies-1.1673011

You never forget-- and I never will.