What are you doing today?

Im planting some trees in my yard, and killing some emails.

9 am I am helping young golfers with special needs to learn how to play golf. STRIDE Adaptive Sports

Keeping the streak alive… 21 days.
(Last day off - April 15th)

Watching my daughter take down the house in here last dance competition to qualify for the nationals. She does 10 or 11(lost track) completive dances and she’s heading to qualify in all of them for the nationals…
In between dances (these competitions take all day and sometimes 2 days from as early as 7:00am to be there and 11pm day one is done which is grueling by my daughter loves it)

While Brianna does that… In between I keep thinking of this crazy Idea that can send this industry a lightening rod for exposure… And no it has nothing to do with “Ruth” on this one… Fun stuff.

We are currently in the middle of a huge thunderstorm!! First day off in a couple of weeks, soo needed!!

Sipping on a cup of coffee, my gf is making breakfast, and I’m blogging on this awesome new forum!

Hopefully the weather is here today and gone tomorrow…we are in the middle of a busiest spring we have
ever had! It feels great to have a handful of full time employees who are out crushing it making me $$ everyday!

Hey Kyle…I’m a dork… I miss power washing houses etc… My body shut me down 5-6 hrs ago… Only reason why I don’t do it… But your right employees rock.

I’ve been resting most of the day,but we are having grilled ribeyes and corn on the cob for lunch.Then it’s off to my part time gig for a couple of hours and maybe some time at the inlaws pool later.

Busy day off. Coached golf, went and looked at a 1,400 sq ft epoxy job, picked up sh, stopped by a friends to visit and booked a house wash and roof cleaning, got the boat out and running, loaded up the roof tank for tomorrow. Just heated up some left over chicken wings and am enjoying them on the deck. Next project is to get my greasy fingerprints off the iPad.

Lazy morning, truck shopped (dedicated vehicle for Pwing), put in a few hours at the office. Home to clean and organize then drinking cold beer and seeing who Trump fires.

was i the only one working?! went out to clean whole house, 3 car garage, deck, (upsold gutter whitening again! i’m gutter whitening lightening!). just as i was finishing the neighbor came to the fence and said “Holy SH!! i was watching you work, and that was amazing! Can you come over and clean mine?” second time in 2 weeks thats happened. I freaking love powerwashing. i cant believe i get paid to do it.