What are these stains? (Concrete)


My customer wants her front porch pressure washed and has these stains in various areas on the concrete…

What are they, and is there anything that will take them off?


NM, saw you said porch. Could just be mildew.


Set expectations low with the customer and never promise stain removal. Clean the concrete as you normally would first, if the stain is gone then you’ve over delivered and they’re happy. If still present then test with your arsenal of products starting with least intrusive like EBC and work your way up to more aggressive cleaners. Charge extra and make no promises.

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Hey @Dcarp94 welcome to the forum! I noticed that you have ~1 minute of read time here so far. This place is a treasure trove of excellent information. What you’ll want to do is look for the “SEARCH” bar near the top of the page. Type your inquiry into that bar and then click on the “MAGNIFYING GLASS” to initiate the search. Scroll down past the “STORE” results. Scour through the results and you are almost guaranteed to find the answers you desire! Really, it’s that easy!!!

However, coming onto this forum and immediately posting questions without doing any research will net you some very snarky responses from the members. None here like to spoon feed newbies that are too lazy to use the wealth of information at their fingertips. Don’t be that guy. For your benefit and everyone else’s. Again, welcome to the forum!


Thanks. I probably have several hours of read time. However I just created an account to ask my question. I appreciate the advice!


Glad to see you come out of the shadows and into the light!

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Speaking of Shadows…