What are some clean ways to pressure wash greasy areas?

We have a small account who is needing their garbage areas cleaned up. The garbage is used by a restaurant that has lots of extra grease they throw away. We are looking for a clean way to pressure wash the area.

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A introduction would certainly help with people replying to you. Whats your name, where are you from, name of your company, ect?
People also like to help those who try and help them selves first. Use the search tool and look up any question you may have first. There is years worth of knowledge on here and the answer to your question lies within.
Unfortunately people dont like spoon feeding the new guy what has taken us month/years to learn how to do.

Dont take my comment as me being rude its just how a lot of forums like to work.
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Hey, read out this http://allgaragefloors.com/pressure-washing-garage-floor-tips/. Here you will surely find the best ways to clean your garbage area.