What are my options?

Fireworks warehouse, steel over EIFS. Looks like smoke damage almost, but EBC didn’t work, house wash didn’t work, purple power didn’t work. What are my options for taking the château off from there old sign? Are there any?

@Infinity is this a job for one restore? Am I safe to use that over EIFS?

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Have you tried PSP? (Trisodium Phosphate)

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Using talk to text, eh? Took me a minute to figure out you meant “shadow” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I can’t quite tell what your substrate is. Aluco-bond or another metal paneling system? I can see it’s dryvit/eifs below that. I would spot test one restore. Can’t promise you’re in the clear to use it on either surface. And there’s never any guarantees when it comes to UV damage.

If it’s alucobond, I’ve heard gutter grenade or similar degreaser along with magic erasers works well for a lot of stains. They sell those magic eraser floor mops; I would try adapting the head of one to the end of a wfp and use potassium hydroxide flakes and a little surfactant to mix up my own “gutter grenade”. Start at low concentration and bump it up gradually. But again, spot test everything, and keep the dryvit wet throughout the process. Similar precautions as when gutter whitening.


Id scrub with soft scrub. You would be amazed what it will take off. The grit is fine enough to not scratch but rough enough to cut a little bit. Works well on white trailers after sticker removal shows shadows

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It’s not alucobond. Just steel siding. I’ve cleaned that with mirachem, but I’ll give the other suggestions a shot.

@Dans_Pressure can’t get that here unfortunately.

@bluewave18ft is that anything like barkeepers friend. Because I tried that.

Is it wash off from the roof ?
I ran into something like that years ago doing an aircraft hanger. The roof was sealed with tar .
I used gutter cleaner to get it off.

@squidskc Did you check around your lowes or homless depositiry? https://m.lowes.com/pd/TSP-Deck-Cleaner/3014064?cm_mmc=SCE_PLA-_-Paint-_-ThinnersAndSolvents-_-3014064:TSP&CAWELAID=&kpid=3014064&CAGPSPN=pla&store_code=532&k_clickID=go_625682584_34615012510_111134774830_pla-289226792324_m_1025990&gclid=Cj0KCQjwsMDeBRDMARIsAKrOP7GBupAAtwz9seU-w5s4RQTzuVM2BzJw-Fv6rJ0JOJQ-aCCGPHlHo3UaAspIEALw_wcB