What am I missing Is there a secret

I know it takes money to make money But how
I have been goin at this for a while I have return customers and pick up new ones as I go
But I need better equipment and some guys on here say You can’t afford not to have it. I understand that I do but How does someone who is trying to build a honest business get all this big nice equipment and money to advertise and market there business
I am not crying by no means
But I work a full time rotating job have three boys and my wife Have a mortgage one truck payment and the normal cost to live bills
And its tight a lot. How do people go out and buy equipment and marketing I can’t really afford any loans and don’t have family to lean on heck my debt to income ratio probably would not support a loan anyway I am just wondering how are most of you guys so successful
don’t get me wrong I am happy for all of you that are I am sure you have worked real hard to get there
Just I work almost everyday and know it takes more than hard work Is there a secret.

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Work Smarter not harder, you do not need a loan to get to the level where some of these guys are. If money is an issue then streamline your business to be as efficient as possible.

Do not take on jobs that are not profitable.

Start with what you have for equipment and keep reinvesting back into the business until you can afford what you need to jump to the next level. Not everyone can afford to start out the way some of these guys did, so you need to be smart and build it one small step at a time.

There is no secret, we all have our own path to get to where we want to be. Some people have money to make that path a little easier and other need to work it until they get to next level.

Take it one step at a time and you will get there too.

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Thanks man
Guess im getting a little fustrated been slow since the cold weather
I will keep pushing thanks

Most guys I know didn’t start out with great equipment. A lot of guys start out with a 4GPM cold water unit. That’s what I did. That unit made me a lot of money. I had no trailer and wheeled it in and out of the van for every job. Now I have a great setup. You can always add a hot box if hot water is needed. It will come.


I remember when we first started out…4 gpm PW in the back of my 4 wheel drive pick up, that was 1990…fast forward when we re-started in 2006, with massive knowledge from the boards & Friends, some small business school education…borrowed $15,000 from the bank and haven’t looked back.

Between 2006 and 2011 I was working a full-time “real job” building our business and paying all the bills while my Wife when to RN school…with our 2 kids still at home. 2011 quit the “real job” and started running our business full-time.

Really depends on what your goals are and how bad you want them, and a solid “Plan” of how to accomplish your goals…And the support of a great Family.

As I said in another thread…Building a business is a marathon, not a sprint.


If you need any advice, when it comes to online marketing, feel free to ask. I will gladly give advice on SEO. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive to do marketing for this kind of business and a lot of the website and SEO parts, you can do yourself.

Guy b your story is inspiring

I just wanted to paste my reply to Baker, when he sent me a PM as others might benefit from it.

To be found in Google, it is highly important that you target effective keywords. This will normally be your service(s) and the location that you service, eg. pressure washing charlotte or pressure washing charlotte nc. For every one of your service + location you target, you should create a new page on your website, where you write unique content for that specific keyword.

Generally, the more high quality content you’re able to add on your site, the better, as it will create a sense of authority around it making it more likely to rank (show up in Google).

You should look up on-page SEO factors and keep these in mind as you’re building your website.

When you’ve built a good website, you have to start getting links to it. There are certain really good link sources you should take advantage of. Have you done business for a company that has their own website? Ask them if they’re willing to give you a link back from their website, and maybe offer them a discount next time. Another good source of links is the links going to competing websites. You can use backlink tools to find these and try and contact them and see if you too can get a link from there. Also, you might as well start including your link on this forum, as that will help too.


I forgot to add, you should always have Google Analytics installed on your site to monitor your traffic. When you’ve installed that, you should verify Google Webmaster Tools.

And last thing on top of my head. Google Keyword Planner is a good tool to use to figure out if the keywords you’re targetting are actually being searched for.

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So goldsboropressurewash does not go anywhere.

You can keep it up, but it isn’t found by Google


and you should point whatever links you get at the one that is found by Google. That’s the most effective use of your resources. If you prefer to use that site for your offline marketing stuff over the other, you can do that, but I’d just stick to using the other one.

OK. I’d rather use goldsboropressurewash. That’s what is on my cards invoices and advertising. How can I change it

If you look at the source code on goldsboropressurewash.com, there’s a line saying
<link rel=“canonical” href=“http://www.bakercleaningservice.com/” />

You need to remove that line of code, as that is the one saying it is a copy of bakercleaningservice.com

And then you have to go to bakercleaningservice.com and add
<link rel=“canonical” href=“http://www.goldsboropressurewash.com/” />

Which will then say, bakercleaningservice is a copy.

And obviously the line of code triggered a filter, so I’ll just have to see how I send it to you.

Okay, in the quote, the code is available. Though there are <'s and >'s around that you obviously have to use too, but they don’t show up when I post them in here.

what equipment are you using and how are you using it?

Belt drive 4000 4 gpm
Have a buffer tank. Enclosed trailer. Use Sh12.5. Soft wash. Houses not to much problem
Concrete kicks my butt. Have 18 inch hammerhead surface cleaner

with a 4gpm rig you should be able to wash a 2k SF home in about 1.5hrs, max. A 8gpm rig will get you down to about .5 - 3/4hr for the same size home.

Cutting your time down won’t do much good if you can’t get the phone to ring so worry about filling your days off with house washing jobs and then worry about getting bigger/better equipment. Then you will be able to wash more houses in one day.

You also need to consider what you are selling, is it house washing or a premium service that no others in your area are selling. You do not want to be known as the cheapest guy in town, you want to be known as the BEST in town!!

Who are you marketing to, which neighborhoods?

How does the hammerhead kick your butt?

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Yes. I am not the cheapest and we try to do really good work even if it means it takes me a bit longer
Houses don’t take that long at all
Concrete seems to take to long even with hammerhead. Have to go so slow

We will not be taking concrete only jobs unless there is enough to meet our minimum service fee. We will be offering it as an addon. The last thing you want to do is travel and do setup for a $50 job just to wash someones driveway or walkway. It just isnt profitable to pull the truck out to do small jobs.

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