What am I doing wrong?

What is going on with the white haze below the window. This is the 2nd time it has happened. The first time I thought my helper didn’t rinse well enough. This one I did by myself yesterday and I rinsed this area at least 3 times. What am I doing wrong and how to I fix it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

looks like efflorescence. I could be wrong I’ll let the experts chime in

I’m almost positive it wasn’t there before. I just rode by the house again and it is a lot lighter but it’s still there.

Efflorescence can appear after the brick gets wet. Sometimes it goes away until it gets wet again. If it stays and the homeowners want it removed, One Restore will remove it.

Thanks, I thought it was something else because the other one was a callback. On that one I rewashed that side on the house and it when away ( I drove by this morning to make sure ) … maybe it just went away on its own. I assume F9 will work as well as I don’t have any one restore. I’m going to order some on Monday anyway.

Just pump spray on and rinse off after 10 minutes?