What a week it’s been

Hey guys name is Tyler based out of Georgia . I’m new to the form but read topics every night trying to learn as much as possible . I have been in the business since September ‘17 and loving it so far. Lots to learn and y’all have provided a ton of great information!

Anyways I’ve had a heck of a week went on a family vacation and flew out of good ole Atlanta airport last week and came home Sunday night to a busted window in my truck, some dirt bags stole some bang bangs and other things out of the truck.Luckily I had just purchased a new (to me) work truck so my thinking is that I would be able to drive my work truck until my personal truck was repaired . But nope was headed back from a job yesterday and BAM car in front of me slams on the brakes and he I come just a skidding and SLAM rear ended them. down two trucks in a couple days… off to the repair shop they both go tomorrow. Good thing the weather is crummy this week in ga and fingers crossed to get them both back quick!

Chin up. Nothing’s permanent and no one can take your birthday away


Sorry bro, that sucks. At least you got to go on vacation. So there is that.


If you got to take the door panel off and remove any broken glass u can . put panel back on just to get some jobs in if needed.