What A Great Weekend!

Well last year my Wife Mary graduated RN School, now this weekend so did my Daughter Brandi. She busted her tail and basically did this all by herself with minimal help from Mom & Dad. I’m very proud of her and this great accomplishment in her life. State Board test next month and then it’s official…Not meaning to brag but…She’s just awesome!!!

She asked Mary to pin her at the ceremony.

Guy, congrats man!!!

Congratulations that’s good stuff

That’s really what it’s all about… Congrats Guy to you and your family.

Congrats Guy. Something to be very proud of.


Good Going Brandi !!!

I am happy for you and for your family who has helped you through all of those tuff times.

That’s what family is all about…helping each other get through those tuffr times; helping our children to become better, to achieve those things that we was unable to accomplish in our life time. To achieve a higher level of accomplishments. That’s what I hope my children will be able to do.

Congratulations to all !


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