What a deal

Picked this up at auction. Burner is shot and frame is rusted. I took the new 630 off. Had the old 340 in the shop. I think I’m going to take the plate off mount the 340 and gp 1511 may keep or sell in the spring would make a nice starter machine.

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Did you hook the coil up to your system to pressurize it? It’s a Alkota machine if you didn’t already know

Yeah I had ok ne similar it was good machine except tanks was to small. It ran when I bought it coil spewing water. But I’m a sucker for a good deal and like to tinker so I’m going to mount older honda and rebuilt pump. May use it to wash bricks this year or sell it as a starter. The motor runs like sewing machine. And it’s the same as my other so now I’m have a spare. I’m going to build a roof wash skid out of the frame and a ols stainless reel I got sitting around.

Man, I’d really want to pull the burner assembly to see where they water is coming from. If you can see it you can weld it closed. Well it could have been leaking lightly for a long time which kept the insulation wet and now the whole bottom half is trash.

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I will

Might turn out to be a good little cold water machine

Did you piece meal it together? The reason I ask is I wouldn’t put anymore than 4.8 gpm on that pump if you want to have decent pressure. Even still that lil engine is going to be taxed!

Spare parts. That pump only calls for 9.6 hp it’s only a 4 gallon machine

Good deal

It’s that time of year gets cool outside at night leave the garage door up kinda thing. I am a sucker for a good deal so by the end of the year I will have a bunch of parts. I just put them together and sell them in the spring or keep the ones I like

Yes yes yes I’m trilled I desperately needed a break. Wish I lived in Oregon for those dreary rainy days. The Texas heat really takes the fun out of everything. Keep all your fingers on you out there in the garage.

I gotta order unloader block and a few other things and this one will be done

Don’t forget to check eBay, I picked up a nice heavy brass one for 10 bucks shipped the other month

Checking now

I don’t like it. 0630 and still dark

I hate the short days but I’m kinda ready. Those oyster houses were me out this week. Hopefully a slow day at the fire hall

I worked at Dallas Love Field years ago, was there a month and couldn’t wait to get back to fl!

Did you buy that block from a guy with a store on ebay. I wonder if he has anymore

From a seller that just fell upon it. I’ll keep a eye out if I see anything. I spend plenty of hours scrolling on eBay. It’s my hobby kinda