What a crazy deal

I may have gotten carried away but these thing are like gold right now .
I tried to order a 1000 gallon tank and was told it would be 6-9 months before it shipped so I started looking for a used one assuming I would never find one but I was wrong.
Not only did I find a 1000 gallon tank the guy also had a 600 525 330 325 125 . And I bought every one for $125 each except the 1000 gallon that was $500


Nice find, but I hate to tell you you have the tank on the trailer mounted upside down


I was wondering why it wouldn’t hold water I was trying to fill it for hours


That is a good deal. I paid $200 for my 325 gallon leg tank and had a line of people behind me wanting to buy it. Gotta snag those deals when you can.

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Right now a 225 gallon is $800 and they want $1200 for a 500 gallon
I have 3.x 225 gallon tanks on one truck and I paid $900 for all 3 brand new just before Covid . I can’t imagine plastic going up 300 percent. These retailers down here seem to be doing a little price gouging if you ask me . I feel like I’m getting bent over every time I need something anymore.
I think just for the hell of it I’m going to brag about how cheep I got them very loudly in the middle of there showroom next time I’m there

Great deal!
Just sold 2 35gallons tanks for $100 each and a 200 gallons for $220.
Such a crazy market for tanks.