Wet Sand Blasting

Has anyone ever done any wet sand blasting with there PW? I was asked to do some on some painted metal?

ARC Powerwashing
Alex Curry

We’ve got one of the units. Simple affair really. Use dry sand.

Russ Johnson did have some video up.

Yep, call if you’ve got any questions Alex.

Make sure your insurance covers it.


Really Cool Stuff! I know during your event a couple years ago you did a demo after you was done with the sandblasting you sprayed a chemical on the bare metal that prevented rusting that you said was safe for painting over. Make sure the guys know about that stuff so the metal does not flash rust!

Any recommendations on where to buy and what brand of wet sand blasting equipment to buy?

Bret, we’ve got them as well as the chemical Matt mentioned above for preventing flash rusting.

Awesome thanks Russ, I’ve got a few rust spot on my flatbed and think I’ll just go ahead and paint it. Once I get some of my big projects knocked out Ill be getting with you.