Wet phone... :(

Hey guys. I usually get a couple texts or calls from one ore two of you every day which is totally fine. I just wanted to say if you texted or called today, I let my phone sit in a rain coat pocket that filled with water in the driving rain today. So if I missed something important I do apologize.

I’m going to try to get a new phone first thing tomorrow morning.

You could have just texted back “Pound sand” if you didn’t want to talk to me. No need for the elaborate wet phone story


Haha I’m serious.

What year Tacoma?

I’d take a picture of my phone in the bag of rice, but I don’t have a phone to take a picture of it with.

  1. Alldata calls for 22 hours labor. I’m not going to tackle that. Not overheating or mixing fluids yet. Just multiple misfires on cylinders 5 and 6 after changing plugs and coil packs twice in 3 months. I’ll drive it a bit longer.

That’s a tough one. If you could find a used engine from one of the reputable salvagers who give you a warranty, albeit short, that’d be on the table IF and only if it had less than 100k on it.

Head gasket change, on the other hand, on an engine you know has been maintained and you caught it early. That truck has put in it’s time.

My first thought is $1200 savings I’d go with the engine I know rather than the one I don’t. If it’s not swapping oil and coolant or overheating, a new head gasket might give you another 100k out of that engine.

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I’m thinking of i can find a low mileage engine I’ll get it and make it a winter project. Swapping a motor is a lot easier than a head job


Pop the back off the phone.
Hold it out the truck window.
15 minutes on the highway.

I know from experience. Planted it straight in a cup of coffee in the console.

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Do you have an iphone? My luck I’d lose it on the highway. :joy: If I’m being honest though I’m the dummy who doesn’t have it in a case.

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No, android. Well, guess an upgrade is good too.

A dead phone is my nightmare! My phone is my life work wise. My wife use to have a talent for putting mine through the washer. Surprisingly it survived 3 out of 5 times!

Use bidslot virtual assistant… I look at my phone twice a day now

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Bidslot is on my list to call right there with nicejob, but I need a phone first. Lol

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Phones not waterproof? What model iPhone?

Get the GOOGLE Pixel 2 fully water proof man. Comes with the territory ya know.


I have one of those iPhone plus, size of a small television so I watch YouTube in the shower. Get a life proof brand case. The you too can dunk your phone

Can you have bidslot take/make home advisor calls and give quotes?

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They lost me at $1000. The only reason I’m not still using my iphone 5 is because Sprint did a buy one get one free deal on iphones when Emma replaced hers. Like a gentleman, I took the free one.

I found that it’s charging and operating seemingly fine, but the screen only works for about 10 minutes at a time then shuts off for hours. I can feel it ringing. Just can’t answer it. So, I ordered a $30 screen replacement and $15 charging port replacement (headphone jack didn’t work, comes with the charging port for an iphone). So we’ll see if it works when it gets here today.

@SchertzServicesLLC iphone 6, it was sitting in a rain jacket pocket full of water for longer than a few moments.

Today I printed directions for the two houses I have today off the internet for the first time in probably 12-15 years. Lol.


Lol… the Mapquest days, i dont miss those.

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I’m not sure, give April a call on Monday. I’ll send her number if you can’t find it

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