Went out to do my first estimate today!

Hey guys. After spending months of getting my website set up, llc and insurance ready as well as researching marketing strategies as well as pressure washing I finally started to advertise a few days ago. I got a lead from next door for a quote on a picket vinyl fence. I told the customer I would send him a message on the estimate sometime today. The fence is a total of 176 feet, how much should I charge? Also, what sh % should I use for this? 1-2% with some elemonator?

If you have spent time reading on here you will find out that prices are all over the place depending on where you live, and your market. Florida has some of the cheapest rates apparently, and in the north it is higher due to the shorter cleaning season.

The most common reply you will get is to figure out how much you want to make an hour and then figure out how long it should take you to clean it. Caution, the experienced washers will do things in half the time that you or I would and that equates into a cost savings for them. There are posts on here where people lay out a formula for linear feet.


I’ve heard anywhere from .30 cents a side to .50 cents a side per foot. I am in SW Florida. The fence is 176 feet long total, i am thinking of charging 125. Only thing I’m worried about is the plants right up against the fence, I think I’m just going to tarp them up and spray my sh. Thoughts?

What @Dirtyboy said. I happen to be around $1.75/ft on those and downstreaming straight sh is good. Soak the plants and grass first. Some spots will need you to get close with the gun to get knocked off.

Edit: I am about $1.50/foot. Thats total, both sides. What kind of hillbilly would only do one side…:grin:

I’m the worst person to ask advice from for pricing and times. I wash for peanuts. I’m retired and this is a side hustle for me and I am not dependent on the income. Having said that, I have liability when I go to a place, and a reputation.

It is raining and thunderstorms here so I have time. Here is a different perspective: If you price yourself out of this job you don’t make any money. If your sitting at home you don’t make any money. If you wash it, make a few dollars, do a good job, you got advertising that equates to future cash. In my neck of the woods that fence isn’t worth much except to old people. The younger people will do it themselves if you throw out a large number, or hire the kid down the street with a $69 PW. Like I said before, each market is different. Those small pickets are a PITA due to the numerous angles with stuff int he way. The upside is that it isn’t a 8’ high fence. Take all that into account when pricing.

One small thing I do, and I read to do this on this site by a reputable washer, is before I wrap up anything I walk the object back and forth looking at opposing angles for missed spots. Rag in hand. Then when I’m happy I knock on the door.

@Nashvillewash told you what everyone else will, soak the plants with water before hand.

What do you think of my pricing of $125? It’s not a lot of money, but very possible referrals on nextdoor as well as a review on my website. Being the new guy I feel as if I have to suck up the lower pricing a bit to get some income, referrals and so on.

Once again, @Dirtyboy is right. Better to make something than nothing. And your price is just fine. I see those pics and think 2 hours @125 and $20 in chems. The customer wants to hear a per foot price, not that you make 125 an hour. Do a nice job for a nextdoor customer and you very well may be set in that hood!

As a Florida guy i can attest that there are a bunch or people with a power washer and a dream offering low quality service at a low quality price. As a new guy i thought being cheapest was best, and it can be if you can attain the volume of jobs it takes to be profitable at a low cost entry. Since I am not a full time washer I only do onsite bids where I can build value in myself and sell my service at a higher price point. Your pricing will be your pricing. Would I do that for $125, sure but I have a soft wash system and wouldn’t need to turn on a pressure washer, so It would be drive time and time and about 20$ in bleach. Would need to be close though, driving in Tampa sucks.

I was with you up to this point. It’d really take you 20 gallons to clean 120ft of fencing? (SH is $1/gal down there, right?)

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You got me, more like 4$ worth of bleach for that fence.

Just tell them your minimum is $250, and this job is at the minimum charge requirements.


I ended up pricing the job at $125 and got it! I’m excited because I have put in tons of work into this and just started advertising and it feels very rewarding. It’s just good to get my name out there, I’m willing to go a little lower at first for some possible nextdoor referrals and a website review.


I get $200 for this one, frankly it’s not enough. All those angles are a real pain and then you have to rinse again from all the dirt that splashed on it.

Rinse plants
Downstream straight SH
Let sit for ten minutes
Medium pressure fan, 1500psi
Be sure to stand back and make sure you got everything
Low pressure rinse off mud

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Take before and afters.

Lol, you got me on the bleach too. 5 bucks…


Now download an app on your phone that allows you to create side by side photos for comparison purposes to show of before and after in the same photo. Go big and have your logo set up in it as well. I just use an @ handle as most of my advertising is on Facebook, but the logos look great when done correctly.