Well, I may be losing my helper

Most of you know that one of the reasons I got back into this business is to spend more time with family. My son has been working with me but he’s 18 and is wanting to be a little more independent. I know that’s normal. I’m ex- army and ever since he was little he’s wanted to join the Army. We spoke with a recruiter this morning and more than likely that’s the route he will go. My wife and I are both excited for him but at the same time hate to see him go. Part of me hopes he will change his mind and continue to work with me but I cannot think of a more honorable choice. He’s not doing it for the college money he genuinely loves this country and wants to serve.


That’s really cool of him. I bet your are a proud father. Hope the best for both you and him.

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As you know, be careful of recruiters. Army has changed since you been in lol. If you want to run anything by me let me know…MOS, Schools, Duty Station.

Now you can get schools guaranteed in your contract, I know he’s not doing it for the money…but a bonus is nice, when I joined as infantry with airborne school in my contract i got a 38k signing bonus.

Best of luck! Let me know where he goes, I have some friends that are still drills

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He wants to go 91B motor pool. I asked him about going hotel which is tracks but he wants to work on wheeled vehicles. I switched to hotel because I liked being in an FSB unit but bravos can go anywhere which is good and bad. Right now it’s a critical mos so it comes with a bonus along with a quick ship bonus that way he can pay his truck off