Weird customer

Hey guys, I just got done with a quote for a customer who wants her gutters cleaned her back patio washed and her deck refinished. But she’s really strange like I literally think she might be using drugs. I sent her the quote and she excepted it but now she wants to revise it and she asked me to lower the cost on the deck refinishing. Basically I don’t want to do the job now, how do I politely tell her that?

i would just nix the refinish, and collect on the others.

I would say thank you for your time but our prices are firm. Then refer an obnoxious competitor.


Just sure I forgot a few items that I will include on the revised quote. Then revise the quote even more that what you sent out.

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I thank people for their valuation of our services, but let them know that the pricing is based on our actual costs, and providing a good employment opportunity for our employees. They usually are happy to book, and refer their friends…

On the other side of that, it’s funny how people expect the price to go down, the more time you have expended chasing them and answering 100 questions. If anything, we should have escalation clauses…


That’s not a customer you want.
If in a situation where a customer is objecting my price I simply let them them know that I will hold firmly at my price as I feel that my pricing is fair considering the level of clean I’ll provide, attention to detail, and the amount of effort that I put in ensuring care for their home/property while on site. I tell customers that there are plenty of great and not so great washing contractors in our immediate area (tons of us here in central South Carolina) and that I understand if it doesn’t work out to me earning their business at this time, but that I’d be happy to have the opportunity to earn their business in the future.

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I tell people up front that I am not the cheapest but I am doing right by customers by showing up when I say I will, and doing my best/what I say I will. That alone makes me better than 90 percent of people here. I also tell them that it’s not cheap doing this legitimately but if they would like to find an uninsured highschooler to do the job for 20 bucks an hour and all the potential issues that come along with that, have fun. In a nice way of course :joy:


We have a similar response that I just copy and paste at this point. The clients we want to work with value that we pay living wages and benefits in addition to carrying proper insurance, maintaining clean and well kept trucks and equipment, and that we are going to provide an excellent customer service experience. They know that comes at a premium cost and are willing to pay that.

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