Weird concrete stains

This home has an aggregate concrete patio and the color varies significantly in extremely noticeable sections. My neighbors driveway has the same issue. It almost looks like it was patched with a different color concrete but it’s all from the same pour probably 6-8 years ago at minimum. Does anyone know why the color variates like it does and is there a way to make it uniform? She wants to make it look as new as possible and then she’s going to have it sealed, ideally with a light partially transparent color added so I want to make it look as bright and uniform as possible. Here’s my plan of attack:

  1. 3% sh pre-treatment

  2. Hot pressure wash with 2800psi surface cleaner and 40 tip around edges.

  3. F9 Groundskeeper to bring it several shades lighter.

I don’t know if that will get the color splotches out though.

I doubt it. Your plan sounds fine, but something has been spilled there. Heck you can see the footprint even. I definitely want to see an after when you do what you’ve got listed and before you leave. May have another idea for you, but need to see after you do the initial clean. Curious if the grounds keeper helps. Just mix your some decent degreaser with your SH.

Are you doing it today?

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I’ll grab some pics and add them of my neighbors driveway also. I’m curious about what he has I thought it was similar. Thanks man.

Sean, You’ve got my #. Text me if you’re doing it today, while you’re still there.

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Sending a bid Monday and she won’t be back until week after next to do the work. Will reach out when I do it though.

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Looks like they has a grill there maybe at one point or one of those big fryer pots you put cooking oil in and a bunch of it got spilled. You should ask the home owner what it is because whatever it was like said earlier they walked through it.

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like a turkey fryer overflow

I got some information about what that discoloration is. This home has well water and there is a lot of minerals in it. My understanding is the sprinklers for the grass used to have runoff that would pool up in the area where it is darker and sit causing minerals to seep into the concrete. I’m not 100% sure this is accurate but it does make sense from the look of the wavy lines where the transition occurs. With this being the case I’m wondering if I need to use any other type of chemicals to even it out? Aside from the process above including adding a good degreaser as you mentioned, is there something else I should use to treat it?

I’d contact Craig Harrison, send him a pic and do what he says.

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Sounds like a good plan.
Here in Florida, most of people have wells for sprinklers and the water has a lot of minerals and spots everything.
I do painting also and used a stain from H&C ( Ben more and SW carries it) colortop water based. 1/2 roll and add some gripp powder in the second coat.

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