Weights for a surface cleaner

I bought a used 18" GP Hammerhead ((thinking it was the same size as my current 20")) using it with 5.5gpm. My only issue with it is that it keeps wanting to take off and you constantly are fighting keeping it on the surface…any ideas on how to weight it down? It cleans great though. I’ll probably just end up trying to sell the 18" and getting a bigger one for it.

You probably could do well with slightly larger tips.

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I break a brick in half and use a budgie to keep it on top of the surface cleaner

I agree with the bigger tips. It will drop pressure.


I run a 19" WW Classic with an 8gpm 3000psi…2504.5 tips and don’t have a problem keeping on the ground…bigger tips are the way to go imo

Wait am I the only on with a brick on top hahaha… So what tips for 8 Gpm


Hahahha I need to change that.

no brick but I did add weights to keep it down

Yes. Yes, you do.