Weedy pavers


I’m trying to figure out what to do with 5000 square feet of weedy pavers. Customer just wants it cleaned and the weeds blasted out. He’s going to sand it. Driveway is in otherwise in good shape. I’m guessing it was a foreclosure. I do this type of job occasionally on crumbling little patios. It’s a pain in the neck and it makes a big mess, but anything is a huge improvement. I kind of enjoy them. With this job, I have a few new issues I never considered before. Will I be able to blast out the weeds without etching the pavers? Will the pavers move out of place? How long will it take to blast those weeds out?

I already pretty much sold him on the 6,000 sq ft house wash. I might just pass on the driveway, but it’s nice to bring the whole package. I noticed he’s got a little pressure washer sitting there like he tried and gave up already.


I would go and spray weed killer this week (charge him for the service) and then Schedule the job a few weeks out. Although you can blast some weeds your goin to make a huge mess and not that great of an outcome.


I would weed wack and then blow all the debree out and maybe spray weed killer if he’s paying for it before getting anything wet. Once it’s all clear then surface clean.


@Patriotspwashing is spot on. Dead weeds come out so much easier.


Chlorine is cheaper then weed killer


Yeah what he👆 said. Just use a nice strong sh mix. 3-4% to kill the weeds.


a lot of states require a license to spray herbicides!


Gota watch out for the EPA man too, if you’re spraying pesticides. They’re like ticket-writing ninjas; just pop up, fine you then POOF they gone


You’ll spraying pesticides on people’s houses lol

SH is classified as a pesticide.

I was stopped by a state inspector and she was surprisingly nice. Told me I needed a license but would look into it and call me.

She called me a week later and hinted that if your spraying bleach to kill algae and mold that you need a pesticide applicators license…if your spraying bleach to brighten the siding then no license needed.

How true is that? No idea, but I know what to say the next time I get stopped


Always best to walk away.


I had no idea hah makes sense tho


Got a pic?


If ur getting paid to spay pesticides other than ur own lawn u have to have pesticides licenses. I did find where u can get a pesticide license for SH …


Is a herbicide also a pesticide?


Insecticides are a type of pesticide that is used to specifically target and kill insects. Some insecticides include snail bait, ant killer, and wasp killer. Herbicides are used to kill undesirable plants or “weeds”. Some herbicides will kill all the plants they touch, while others are designed to target one species :slight_smile:


Nothing cheaper and faster than gasoline on weeds


I am not sure what question you are answering Fat-one? :slightly_smiling_face:


OK, PESTicides kill PESTs
HERBicides kill HERBs


Don’t be killin’ our herbs man! :grin:


Bleach is cheaper than gasoline… And not flammable. If someone came to clean my driveway and sprayed gas everywhere I’d be VERY upset. Thats dangerous and extremely unprofessional. Thats ridiculous honestly. I’m hoping that you were kidding but come on… You never know who reads this stuff.