Website upgrade

Hey guys, can I get some feedback or some positive criticism on my website? Times are getting pretty slow right now so I want to get ready for next year and improve


Way too wordy

Lack of selling

Lack of attention to detail, your photos on your services page have your phones information bar up top, didn’t even try to clean the image up.

You have more images on your services page then your image page.

Needs lots of attention. Keep working ! Don’t mean to be negative, just straight forward.

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It’s pretty good! I have some criticisms but don’t want to come off like a negative Nancy. Publicly, I’d say that red fonts on pictures are difficult to read; if you’re dead set on them being red maybe consider a thin border. Some of the paragraphs come off like you’re just trying to fill the space with words. But overall the site is nice. I’d consider paying the monthly fee so there’s not a tagline at the bottom saying “hack the hood”

Jakes a little rusty with criticism, what he’s trying to say is, it’s a whole lot of nothing with a few testimonials and a phone number.

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Too much focus on how low your prices are. Price should be the last thing you mention to a customer, not the first, and your prices should be as high as your quality of service is.

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Thx so far guys, keep em coming. I really want to improve my site.

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When you say lack of selling do you mean I should add some prices?

No prices. You should influence the customer to want to hire you through selling your skill set and services

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Do away with discounts for military and seniors. Military gets a paycheck like everyone else and seniors have had their whole life to save money. Do away with the clean your home for safety reasons hooey. Sprinkle commas liberally all over.


No military discount?? Did you serve?

Nope, went the police, fireman route. But father, both Grandad’s, two brothers and brother-in-law either served or are still in. I’m pro military. But no one since the early 1970’s have been forced to join, they get a pay check every month. But it’s your business to run how you want, you asked for suggestions. My dad won’t even cash social security checks, much less accept a discount.


I did not ask for any suggestions, i was jus curious on what makes you so miserable.

Sorry, your name is similar to the original poster. Not sure why you think I’m miserable.

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If I gave discounts to everyone who thinks they deserve one for one reason or another, I’d either be out of business or I’d have to raise my prices 15% to make up for the “discount”. At least 80% of my customers are seniors and that’s (almost) exactly what I tell them when they ask for a discount…and it’s absolutely true.

I’m a full-time firefighter and I hate it when I get offered a discount for any reason…that’s not why I do what I do. I do it to serve, not to be served.


I don’t want to sound like a ■■■■ but I know when I get the occasional thank you for doing what you do and they paid for my lunch before I got a chance too I don’t get upset by it. I would appreciate it because people are not as appreciative with us as they used to be. So I will say if you want to be nice and give a little discount to public safety and the military have at it. I seriously doubt 20 dollars off occasionally going to close his business down.

I think you missed the point. I do graciously accept “thank you’s” and other compliments, and I don’t think I ever implied that I get upset by those things. I said I hate it when I get offered discounts, free lunches, etc. That’s not why I do what I do, and I don’t ever want to give anyone, even a casual observer, the impression that I expect something for what I do. I hate it because it makes me feel uncomfortable accepting those things. And no, I don’t appreciate it when people approach me with the expectation of receiving a discount for whatever reason.

And yes, he can do whatever he wants with his business and his prices, I’m pretty sure all I did was voice my opinion on a public forum, not tell him what he can or can’t do. What I said about MY business being affected by giving discounts to everyone was true and accurate. I either do a job for full price, or I do it for free (which I do many times each year) That has been my mindset from the beginning, and it’s worked very well for me and for my business.


Wasn’t trying to make it seem you didn’t appreciate people doing nice things. I would hope anyone in our line of work wouldn’t expect things for free or get constant discounts. And you are 100 percent right you are entitled to your own opinion. I was just saying that I agree with helping certain people at times is a good thing. That’s great that you do things for free from time to time. Shows you have a heart. Just wondering why you tell a guy you wouldn’t do that and then turn around and say you do things for free. Kinda contradicts your opinion wouldn’t you say? Just busting your balls stay safe out there

Doing work for people for free doesn’t contradict my opinion at all. There’s a big difference between giving discounts and doing work at no charge. The average house that I wash is worth anywhere from 450k to 1.5 million. Those people don’t get discounts, nor do they get work done for free. The free work I do is for older people who are friends of mine who truly can’t afford to pay someone to do the service, and I can’t, and won’t, turn my back on them when I can do something to assist, especially when it comes to doing something like cleaning a slippery deck or something of that sort. If I gave out frivolous discounts I would be so busy working to make up for that that I wouldn’t have time to give help to people who truly need and deserve it.


No mention of prices. More before and after photos and try to make them as professional as possible. Have your phone number stickied to your header so no matter where they scroll they can always click your phone number to call.


I have never had a problem with people complaining about not giving them a discount just because I offer it to military and public safety personnel. I just offer discounts if they decide to have extra things done. Still makes them feel like they got a deal.

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