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Anyone using software to protect their website. The second i switched from Mr. Pipeline my site has been crashing. The file package Mr. Pipeline sent me had a malicious software in it. Maybe it was a going away present.

Anyways A2 hosting told me to contact Mr. Pipeline and i forwarded the email they sent to me to them. They wouldnt help me. A2 hosting “fixed” problem and now it it back. I switched to bluehost because my site kept having problems and now i have a malicious file again. Idk whats going on and have spent alot of money on this stupid thing.

I spent $1200 just to have site built by Mr. Pipeline and it has only worked for maybe 1 month out 6 months.

@Banche561 what going on evan?

Spoke to him… dint give me a good vibe.
My seo.was bought out…
Nkw sopping around

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Go to the huge …they have a booth and call him out.

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They call out pipeline?

Im going next year.


@Banche561 can you help us some info?

I mean you go and ask in person

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Have them set up cloud flair so if your site goes down you are still serving the site to your customers. Or you could go with a reputable host like GoDaddy or something.

Bluehost and A2 are fine.

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I use bluehost. Only been down once ever and it was my own fault. I consider them a solid choice.

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They are a decent host. Transfer your domain to namecheap and use your bluehost name servers save about $10 a year.

What’s the malicious file message?

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Idk ill talk to wife and show you monday.

I use ultrawebhosting and never had issues. I built my own site with a free plugin they have available.

Reach out to the developer pipeline uses. It’s a company out of India that is probably displayed on your wordpress login.

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Hey Brandon,

Hope all is well man!

Just now seeing this so my apologies. I checked with the team and during the time you and Chelsea were trying to figure this out you unfortunately never responded back to her last email when she tried reaching out to help with this issue. We assumed the last email she sent you (that was never responded to) was what caused the problem. To my knowledge she even called a couple times. During all this, you never reached out to me either to inform me on what was going on.

I can assure you we did nothing to affect your website. If anything, we want to do anything we can to help you with this issue. We strive to do anything to help our clients.

When we had the website there was no hosting issues, you had an SSL certificate to protect your website, we kept it updated on the back end, we backed it up for you every month, etc… What’s saying that during your switch you or another company may of done something wrong which allowed the malicious code? Based on your statement you said you tried multiple hosting companies which means you opened up your website to multiple people. Does that make sense?

Again, we would like to help you fix this issue but you haven’t mentioned anything to us since June, 25th.

I sent you over an email so please get back to me so we can help you get this fixed brother!

Thank you!

Thank you. I haven’t missed any calls from yall and this was the only email. Not sure what else i could have said.

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It happened as soon as i switched and this is what A2 sent.
I have tried to load your website from my end and it’s currently loading a blank page only with nothing in it. As Scott mentioned, there seems to be malicious software

As this is directly affecting website files, plugins, themes, etc, you might want to contact your web developer for this. You can also use Server Rewind to revert your website files to a previous date when this wasn’t happening.

From what i was told on the phone the malicious item was actually in the packet i was sent by yall thats why i needed to have yall do something aboit it.

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@Grizz If you can, respond back to my email if you don’t mind so we don’t flood the forum going back and forth. Thanks man!

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I looked into Mr. Pipeline. Spoke with someone not too far away who used them, but in a different market. He said it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what they’re doing and do it yourself with about 3 hours worth of effort and education.

If I needed google ads to stay busy I’d figure it out. But I’m still curious about them for the Christmas light company so I considered using them since I don’t want to take the 3 hours of effort to figure it out. I think you just talked me out of trying them.

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