Website hosting

What plan would y’all go with?

After a ton of research on the topic, I finally went with a2 hosting.

I’m pretty sure Bluehost is one of the companies that’s been bought up by the GoDaddy conglomerate and has gone down hill from where they used to be in terms of customer service.

Whatever you decide to go with, don’t be tricked into thinking you can get a free ssl certificate. The free ones are junk self-signed certs, and will still cause security warnings in most browsers.

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My wife is doing some research on it while im at work. What plan did you go with.

I went with a2 seems like a solid hosting company.


@Grizz Any update on using A2hosting? Thinking about moving our site, as the builder has not delivered anywhere close to what was advertised. Wordpress should be easy enough to work with compared to Wix…

Right now it keeps crashing but they are telling us mr. Pipeline caused this. It was very hard transferring over to them as well.

How’s mr pipeline been for you

Dropped them. They kept charging my card twice a month then i would have to call them and fix it and wait a week for my money to come back. This happened over 3 times in 2 months. Then they was extremely shady when i started asking questions about my google adwords being ran in such a broad way. Wouldnt ever show me my negative adwords. Everytime id start asking questions they would say “let me check on that. Can i call you right back?” When they would call back they would repeat the same lines as they always do almost like it was scriptted lol.


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How did a2 work out for you?
As my business focus has changed so much since I decided to start it earlier this year, I am looking to rebrand and refocus before putting more advertising and resources into the current one.
My current one is on GoDaddy which is pretty inexpensive and easy to use, but everytime I turn around the hand is out looking for more money for simple upgrades. My biggest regret was glossing over the security certificates, not realizing the changes to browsers showing sites as unsecured. Not cool when you are trying to capture customer data.

My site kept going down. I went with blue host now. No problems.

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Cool deal. That one kept popping up in my research, will give it a shot.

My domain is through Namecheap. I had hosting there for a few years and never had any problems.

I’m hosted on DigitalOcean now mainly so my wife can build a crm for me on the back end of the website.