Web First Creations Websites Going Down

“Help! My Web First Creations Website is Down!”

This has been a repeated statement across the US over the past month. While I am not privy to the exact details of what is going on with Shane at Web First Creations, I do know that it is impossible to wait around for them to get it together. We’re here to help.

If your website went down sometime around May 5th, and then went back online a few days later, don’t be fooled. We recently found out that a Web First Creation customer PAID the hosting account for another 30 days so that they would have access the their website. They immediately downloaded their files and moved elsewhere. How do we know? We helped them!

Over the past few days, the second set of Web First Creation customers’ websites went down. I am assuming that there were two hosting accounts, and this is why they went down seperately within weeks of eachother. We are going to pay this bill for the next 30 days so that your site/email goes back online.

What Does This Mean For You, the Web First Creations Customer?

We’re footing the bill, simply because we think it is wrong for you to lose what you paid for. But this isn’t going to last forever, ONLY FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS. After 6/30/2012, your site and emails will go down and there will be no recovering them after that, unless, by the grace of God, you get in contact with Web First Creations and they happen to have a backup.

What To Do:
1.Find your administrative access details. This is usually a user name and password that gets you into a url similar to: yourdomain.com is available for purchase - Sedo.com
2.Contact us and let us know you are a Web First Creations hosting customer
3.Decide whether you want your own hosting account or you would like to purchase one of our hosting plans (honestly, I understand if you’re gunshy about having ANYONE else host your website)
4.Find out where your domain is registered (we can help with this if you’re not sure)

Provided we can login to your site, we should be able to make a backup of your files and database. From that point we will setup your new hosting account (wherever that may be) and upload your website. If you have access to your domain, we’ll simply point your domain to your new hosting account. If you do not have access to your domain, we may need to go through a process of verifying your ownership so that we can gain access to it. Don’t worry, we’re experienced with this and haven’t had a failed attempt yet!

The bottom line is, if it’s BEFORE 6/30/2012, you still have time. Contact us as soon as possible so that we can move your site and save your investment.

Anya @ Ambidextrous Services

Nice, Anya!I could imagine how irritating that would be to have a site go down with nobody answering phone calls.