Waterproof sunscreen

Anyone got a good recommendation for waterproof sunscreen ? …my skin will burn with the slightest hint of sun on it i use coppertone sport but ifeel like im applying it more then i have too to not burn

I use the spray stuff, easy to apply when needed.

The best sunscreen is clothing. Wear long sleeves and a hat with a neck protector on it. Long sleeves will actually keep you cooler too

And not cotton. I’ve never had my shirt off outside but I’ve had six hunks cut out of my back from melanoma. I thought a shirt was a shirt.

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My boss in the oilfield didn’t believe me that you could get a sunburn through a white t shirt. I just didn’t even know what to say to him.

Don’t look down on him. I had no idea and I’m somewhat literate. I don’t wear sunscreen because it keeps me from sweating, but I wear long sleeve button up fishing shirts and Tilley hats most of the time

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I do wear long sleeve either columbia or realtree "fishing spf 30 " shirt and lo ger pants and my jungle hat …but my neck and hands where stuff osnt coverd just get ate up sometimes even applying every other house or so

I am a fishing shirt addict lol pretty much what I wear anytime it’s hot out. My new uniform shirts are the hooded fishing shirts and they’re so nice to wash in. No tucked in shirt though :joy:

They make boonie hats with neck flaps. They’re worth it. As far as your hands burning, you should be wearing nitrile gloves so that should fix that issue.

Since we’re on the subject of cancer…

VA’s version of ‘Moh’s’ basal cell removal. They were supposed to reconstruct it during the procedure but messed it up and sent me home with blood running down my face. U of L hospital offered to ‘fix’ it but never got around to doing it.

I wear big ole hats but they shaved off part of my ear too. Fortunately mine is intact.

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Brock I’m getting ready to watch Kentucky Derby. You and the missus got some box seats this year? I’ll be looking for you.

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I’ve lived here 13 years and haven’t stepped foot on the Downs. Too ridiculous for my blood. You should see the airport, absolutely stuffed with millionaire’s planes.

I figured with all the extra money you’re making pw over ww, you’d be there with the big dogs. You should study up on how to do, and knock out a few plane washes on Derby day.


kids sunblock or baby sunblock works good. Sweatproof and water proof.

I use waterbabies spf 50 spray, wear longsleeve fishing shirts and shorts to my knees most days. Almost 50 and not looking for something else to kill me.