Water in pump oil when changed

Hello everyone!

Searched and couldn’t find anything…I did my regular oil changes and when HP oil change was done, about an ounce or so of water came out of the pump, right before the oil. Never happened before. Any thoughts? Machine and pump working fine BTW…thanks!

I’ve had water get into the pump through the oil cap. They are cheap plastic and can crack or come a little loose. I wouldn’t worry about it unless you see some performance issues with your pump. I had to change my oil a couple of times to get all the moisture out.

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Probably the vent cap. Just run it normally check fluid every day if you have a sight glass and change the oil at half of what you would normally. If it gets worse but pump is fine new pump seal and cap. If the pump is not functioning right well you know what to do

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Just like @BillC said.

It gets through cracked caps.

I have put new caps on my pumps a few times.

No big deal. Change the oil, and put a new cap on.

Good as new.

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Thanks guys! I’ll ckeck!