Water hook up help

Dont mind the mess…Im was still setting stuff up. Anyway, any recommendations to improve my water hook up there? I was using a flexible hose but over time it began to sag and kink. I made this up but I dont feel like i’m not getting enough water flow. My machine is 8gpm

Can you raise your tank?

I was thinking of doing that, although i cant go even as i think I would be too top heavy. Might help though.

I would just replace hose again. Nice set up though

take out those 90’s and put a clear braided non-collapsable hose.

Clear braided hose will collapse with heat. Get rid of the rigid pipe. No need to raise tank. My machines sit 3 feet above the bottom of the tank. you can go 4 feet above but will need a check valve. You need a one inch hose barb coming from the pump and a canister filter somewhere in there.

Ah that looks like a solution! thanks!

tried that but after a month it does kink…maybe from the heat.

sent you the wrong link, this is for one inch. You can run a truck over it . Will not collapse.

Why not move the unloader off the pump and kill two birds with one stone?

I can’t see it in his pic