Waste water run off

What does everyone here do to control water run off and stop it from leaving the property? For example when your cleaning a driveway It’s my understanding no water is allowed to leave the property and reach the street we’re it then can reach a storm drain. Now some of you probably run a full reclaiming system but I’m willing to bet most don’t lol. So when cleaning a driveway how do you stop the water from hitting the street?

Only wash driveways that slope down from the road and back towards the house…

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Ok, that’s certainly not the norm, but depending on your area of the world, city ordinances, etc, you may or may not be allowed to let the runoff drain into the storm system. Check with your local ordinances office for the best answer

I live in an area that doesn’t have nazi rules and regulations on water runoff.

You can use a few of these to direct it into the landscaping sometimes.

Isn’t it EPA federal law that nothing can reach a storm drain?

Not if you live in the States. Rules are still there even if enforcement isn’t

I thought EPA rules were it couldn’t reach a storm drain, Not that it couldn’t reach the street. You can water dam the run off in the street and use a small bilge pump or sludge sucker to pump it back onto there property.

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