Washing like it was oxidized

Max1 thanks for all the help. Now that I’ve decided to join hopefully I can read up and expand my knowledge further.

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Me and a lot of other guys here use the 2510 and 0010 for rinsing with no problems. The 2510 won’t be a problem unless your a couple of feet from the siding blasting away. The 0010 is for rinsing 2nd stories and above. If you bring it down to low it can damage the siding. We use them every day and never had a problem. Just use common sense.


I was looking at a nozzle chart and curious if the 2540 nozzle on the jrod really put out 4000psi at 4 gpm. I haven’t made it home from work to experiment with the stuff ordered from pressuretek for my 4gpm/ 4200psi machine. Or am I reading the chart wrong

Just bookmarked you link to the search. Thanks

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I find the HP fan works well for stubborn algae on brick, some deck washing and the ‘pencil’ nozzle for dirt on higher gutters that won’t come off with SH.

You don’t want a 2540.

What do you suggest for I replace the nozzles that come on the 4 gpm jrod from pressuretek? Maybe a 5.5 or a 6.0. I wasnt making any changes just yet because I haven’t messed with the new gear. Im going to put a guage on it to test the nozzle pressure and ratio of the downstream. Got a friend who has funky vinyl on his shop and told me to have at it. That will be a test run to dial in the mix and tips.