Washing like it was oxidized

Hey guys I had some vinyl siding wash weird today. Like every job I done my 2nd pre wash inspection, checked for oxidation, outlets, cracks, holes etc… vinyl was in good shape my mix is 1 gal 10%sh to 4 gal water with elemonator down-streamed with my jrod low pressure with 4gpm when I rinsed everything looked fine. After doing my drive by after everything dried it looks like blew oxidation off the siding. I’ve ran into a lot of stuff but never this.

Two pre wash inspections?

Do you have pics?

That’s a weak mix. Not even sure how that touches anything tbh. Which tips did you rinse with?


Inspected when I gave the quote and when I do the job to make sure nothing has changed.

0040(soap high), 0010(rinse high) ,2540(soap low), 2510(rinse low) Uploading: 7B5F953E-7524-406A-96F8-43502997E9CD.jpeg…

Those tips you are rinsing with are high pressure tips. You put too much pressure to the oxidized siding. You need to rinse with the same tips you soap with. To stop the soap, pull the drop stick out and put it in a bucket of water or shut your injector off if you have that option.

Also, your picture didn’t upload try again

I bypass my injector when I’m not soaping and for pressure wise I can hold my hand in front of the stream it’s not high pressure at all. I just went back and looked at the house. What I see is that under where the build up was there is oxidation but the cleaner exposed areas that I could see before had no oxidation and still don’t. Only the north side of the house done this everything else looks good. The home owner is happy but I’m not she is letting me drop by today and hit it again. I was thinking f13 in a pump up 4:1 mix then rinse what are your thoughts on this?

1st thought is to stop using the 0010 and 2510. What was your surfactant? You can use a degreaser like purple zep to get rid of the oxidation but it’ll require scrubbing and you’ll need to do the whole side to even it out. Gutter Grenade might work but you will have to scrub no matter what you use. I’m just trying to figure out why it happened so you don’t run into this situation again. Do you have a picture?

For some reason my pics won’t upload and ok thanks for the advise on the tips. The house is only has oxidation under where the growth was I took a rag and wiped a spot just to make sure it wasn’t faded but it wiped right off.

No problem. What surfactant are you using?


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Update I sprayed f13 then scrubbed the side of the house with a soft brush I have on a pole that hooks to a hose and after rinsing everything came out good. Found out from the homeowner that her lawn guy sprayed something on the bad spots last year to kill the mildew and algae but never rinsed anything so I think what ever chem he used tarnished or oxidated the siding. Thank you for all the help I’ve read on this site for a year or better but just created my account.


Ill send you some BD6 to try out. Im very curious to know if it will remove oxidation without brushing.

Question. What are the 0010 and 2510 tips good for if you can rinse with them without possibly causing damages to siding?

They are good for popping gum maybe. Not for washing houses

They’re put on a jrod to stop soap but they defeat the purpose of soft washing and can/will cause damage due to high pressure. 0010 is next to useless. 2510 can be used to clean wood. It all depends on what machine you’re running.

Didn’t know that. Thanks for the input. The more I read the more I realize I need to do a bunch of testing before I even think about touching a house.


You’re in the right place. Anything you need to know in regards to pressure washing is on here somewhere. The search bar above isn’t working properly right now. It brings you to the search results for the window cleaning forum so here’s a link to the search bar. I’m sure we will be notified when it’s fixed.