Washing horse fence/board fence

I’m getting ready to bid about 450ft of board fence that I will wash and paint black. It is in a backyard setting and I’m wondering what chemicals to use that won’t totally kill the grass around the fence.

If I DS 50/50, will the grass still die? Should I just white tip it and shy away from chemicals?

If it’s really hot out and the grass is already stressed you can burn the grass 50/50 DS. Wait till it rains before or after or just make sure to keep the grass wet. It will grow back. Just prepare the customer.

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If you killed my horses grass id be mad :rage: lol

Pre wett real good… Treat and rinse well after… you should be okay…

If you’re very concerned or the client, Id go lighter on the mix and have a helper scrub agitate with a soft brush to help it loosen.

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