Washing around outside electrical

Hey guys, I’m pretty new to all this stuff. Very interested, and soaking up everything I can. What are the suggestions for outside electrical connections? I read a post earlier talking about tape over keyholes, thought that was clever. But as far as outside ceiling fans and light switches and all that stuff, any suggestions for that? I know spraying them directly would be stupid…

theyre outside. they can get wet… weather proof receptacles and such! but like you said dont spray directly into them

Besides keyholes I tape over top edge of outdoor outlets, doorbells, pretty much anything electrical. Sure, they’re weatherproof, but not bleach proof. Don’t want the internals rusting out in a year. May be overkill but the homeowners appreciate and set’s you apart from the hacks. Maybe takes 5 min to do whole house.


Thanks, live down here in Florida where outdoor living is a mainstay. Last thing I want to be responsible for is breaking someone stereo system. Thank you for the feedback!

Very good point. Along the same lines, I tape off any door handles that have a ‘rubbed bronze’ or natural/patina finish. The house wash mix can take the shine right off them. They can be restored fairly easily with enough elbow grease, but it’s a pain; much quicker to just tape them up.