Washer starts afer several pulls help!

I partly being lazy here and didn’t want to slug through all the google results trying to find an answer. I’m not really an engine guy but what could I do to reduce the amount of times I have to pull the pull string to start my machine? Does it have something to do with the spark plugs or air intake? Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

There are a number of reasons. The plugs, air cleaner and carb are the basic areas that need regular attention on any machine from p/w to lawn mower. If these things are old then it is a good idea to replace and easy to do even if you are not an engine guy., After that, try starting to see if the machine kicks right up. I notice on mine that if I turn on the fuel lever and close the choke it will start after 1 or 2 pulls. If I leave the choke off when it’s cold, it takes several pulls. The carb on small motors can easily get clogged by old or bad gas. A quick shot of carb cleaner can help sometimes or it may need a carb rebuild. Good luck.

Awesome thanks Phil.

Put a starter on it

If it’s a Honda, shouldn’t be more than 2 pulls.


Only time i’ve had to pull more than twice on all three machines was when I discovered I had the red switch in the “off” position LOL

Thats what I thought, I was running high test gas in the washer and think maybe that wore it out some.

Why were you running high test thru your engine? Was it knocking? As far as I know small engines require regular octane thru it.

Nah it wasn’t knocking. I figured higher octane may be better for the engine, run cleaner etc. At the very least I didn’t think it would do any harm to a small engine but a guy in my family who’s a car guy said it may cause the engine to run hotter.

Nothing wrong with running higher octane, better to run non-ethanol gas though.

If it’s a 13 hp motor, loosen the gas cap or take it off and try to crank it, you may have a bad gas cap and causing it to vacuum lock.

Thanks Guy, I will check that out.

So would using premium gas be a bad idea? Because that’s pretty much all I’ve been putting in my gas tank. Because I heard is better for an engine. I plan on having my hydrotek for at least the next 5 to 10 years so I want to make it last.

Not going to hurt anything, but probably wasting money running higher octane, its just not necessary.