Washer reel

So I bought a street 45 to make the problem with the hose sticking out a ton before spoiling it all how and what part do I need to get this thing spooling without stress on end ! The street 45 made matters worse


the picture didn’t work

I put some that worked just now

The point of the street 45° is to point it the other way (down towards the reel). It looks like that reel might not allow enough space to install like that, so you’ll be better off without the 45°

You got the elbow facing the wrong way. You don’t really need anything I don’t don’t believe

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That’s a general reel you shouldn’t need that 45, don’t believe it will work. They have theirs connection about right, now my electric titan I had to put the 45 on.

I would if it was me, ditch the quick connect and hook straight up. That should help with laying the hose down. Just a thought…


Lose the qc. Thread directly into the reducer.