Washed the first house of the season today

Almost made enough money to cover all of the stuff I realized was now broken from sitting over the winter :joy:

Now all I need is a new float valve, poly ball valve, battery, hose and of course injector and I can wash house #2. Let the season begin!!!

Sounds like you had a fun day

Good luck on your endeavors this year

Haha. At least I had all the stuff to fix everything. That is something at least, now I just need to replace all my spares


Hello new season. I personally haven’t had much off time, pretty much something comes up in my spare time. Now, I will say not many paying jobs since last season, but I managed to do a little bartering for some advertising. Just finished up a few little league parks in exchange for sponsorship signs posted. No money, but it was good being able to clean the park up for the kiddos before opening ceremonies. Keep on rocking!