Wash water removal from prkgrg basement



Looking to remedy an issue. we are bidding a below grade parking garage, our vacuum recovery is not able to fit. can anyone suggest something to help us get the wash water from the lowest level - 50’ below grade - up to our recirculation unit in order to create a closed loop system?

thank you for your suggestions!



What about a trash pump? I don’t know what size you would need to lift that high but they are generally not too expensive. I have a smallish one at the ranch that I use for remote food plot watering but I’ve never tried to “lift” water 50’ with it either.


hey thanks I took a look at that. not sure if it will “lift” 50’ but we are considering this as an option. may have to try it and post up a video for you guys.



this is the trash pump we are looking at. I don’t think a 1 HP pump will have the power to lift the water out. any other suggestions would be great.

anyone know of a closed loop trailer system that is shorter than 6’?


I think MDA has a good idea. When looking for a pump look at the “head feet”. That’s pretty much the “lift”. All pumps should have it in their specs.


Contact Munro or some other pump company and tell them what you’re wanting to do. I had to email them once about a pump that could pump 65’ up and still hit 60 psi and 12 gpm. You won’t need the same specs but they will be able to recommend a pump. They were super helpful and always emailed back the same day. They can tell you what specs to look for.


That’s the info I was trying to figure out right there! thank you for that!


If it’s a one time use thing you can probably rent what you need if you have the right specs.


we have four parking garages here to complete. gonna go with the pump I shared the link to, it has a 25’ lift with a 70’ head. it may be expensive but I think this will solve some issues we have had to deal with. I will update this thread with pics and vids when the jobs start so you guys can see how it works or if it wont work at all.