Was recommended this unit

So I stopped into Windy City supply today in West Chicago, IL. Spoke with a gentleman who told me he had a whopping 38 years in the industry. He recommended this unit to me along with one of his 21” full stainless SC’s. What do you all think? He also told me that eventually it would be good to have hot water as well just so I have it when I needed for grease on driveways etc. he was t very big on bleach as he had his own line of chemicals That I have also linked below. What’s your thoughts?



If he doesn’t know SH is used in our industry he has no idea what he’s doing. He might sell products with it in them and just trying to make a buck. SH is the best chem possible to kill organics such as mildew, algae, mold, etc. What did he recommended for cleaning houses?

There are better machines out there for not much more. There are definitely better pumps. A 4 gpm will work but, if you can, try and get at least a 5.5 gpm. Do you plan on having a trailer or truck setup?

I plan on a truck set up. Maybe a trailer down the road. He knows all about SH but he just prefers products that are biodegradable. Said he gets a lot of people requesting bleach and he turns them on to his products. I provided a link to his products in my previous post.

Uh…find a reputable vendor and buy from them. Bleach IS biodegradable.


There’s a guy in my area using a fleet wash called Brown Derby to wash houses with. Said he uses very little bleach. He tried to get me to try it but I don’t want to mess with a system I have already perfected.

YES brown derby was one of the chems!

@DisplacedTexan oh ok. I was unaware that chlorine bleach was biodegradable. I know bleach in general can be some nasty stuff to work with.

You literally drink chlorine if you’re on city water in the U.S.

You swim in chlorine pools.

You bathe in chlorine water, if you do bathe.

You wear clothes that have been bleached with chlorine during the manufacturing process.

Numerous household cleaners have chlorine in them.

Seriously. It’s just bleach.


that’s what @Firefighter4hire uses in a roundabout way. Where can I get it @Steve ??

@DisplacedTexan Thanks

You might need to do some more reading before you buy anything, knowledge is power. He is selling you chemicals, what are they and what do they do? It isn’t a secret that most store brands of cleaners use the same chemicals this industry does, you just pay a lot more for them at the store.

My first suggestion for you is to read up on SH. What does SH stand for? What is it made from and what specifically does it do? What does the SDS for SH look like and what does it say? What is PPE? What do you need to wear and why?

THese are the questions I asked myself. THe fine people on here will help guide you if you have questions, they have helped me a lot.


SH is super cheap and it works great. Unless this brown derby is either cheaper or you don’t have to rinse, SH is probably a better bet.

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I just went through the whole machine mess.

Skip that direct drive 4/4, at the very least get something belt drive.

Also 21” surface cleaner is too big for a 4gpm. 16” is the standard size for it.

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I’ve never used it but they have a FB page:

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I like having the option to use other chemicals besides just bleach. I’ve only been on here a week and have already read many horror stories of people damaging property will bleach. I get it though, it’s probably the best chemical to use.

Bleach is really just as safe as any other chemical for house washing. I had a homeowner call me last year to see if I could fix some siding which was ruined by another contractor who dripped F-13 all over the house while doing a gutter brightening job. It’s just about knowing what you are doing, and taking the proper precautions.

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Please share the links from here of people posting horror stories of damaging things with bleach. I would like to read them…I must have missed most of those. Thanks

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I’ve read many post about customers upset about their grass, plants, oxidation issues etc. you haven’t seen them??

These are far from horror stories and almost all of this type stuff is easily addressed. Don’t fear bleach…just handle it correctly and you will never have a problem. And, I will add…if you are going to wash houses/buildings and not use bleach…don’t even start in this business as it will just be an exercise in frustration. Just having bleach on the truck is not enough…it has to be on the wall.