Wanted to start my own pw business... what are MUST HAVES for rig!

My price range is 7k… Not including trailer. Should i invest in nice trailer, buy used… Idk help pls!

What is it that you intend to wash?

I was thinking driveways and house siding

http://orlando.craigslist.org/for/5307858468.html is this a good deal i should jump on???

I don’t think that you need a burner for houses and driveways. get something with higher flow than the 4 gpm that you showed us.

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If you dont mind me asking, when is a burner needed?

Heat is needed for gum removal and cleaning oil and grease.

What’s your marketing budget look like? You can always get equipment later. You don’t want to be sitting around with 7 grand in new equipment and no work.

If I were spending $7000 on equipment starting out I would get an 8gpm pressure washer, a bandit roof system from pressure tek, and a couple titan reels. By the time you get a tank and some hoses, you will be maxed out.


The advice has been spot on so far.
Back to your marketing budget- is that included in the $7000 or do you have additional funds set aside to get the phone ringing?

As far as must haves:

Pressure washer. Cold is fine for houses and drives. Get a belt or gear driven unit.

Hoses. Start with at least 3 100’ sections with couplers. I recommend grey hose.

High flow gun. I like Suttner. You need one rated for at least 12 hom to downstream effectively.

Downstream injector. I like the modified GP from Pressure Tek. Buy several, they wear out.

Spray tip assortment rated for your machine.

Surface cleaner. I like the Whisper Wash Classic.


I have extra money set aside for marketing. My marketing budget is around $1200. Also being from Orlando there are tons of comp tech schools were students will create full functional websites for free as final exam. So i have some money to play with.

I have a few other questions now… What size trailer should I be looking at? I chose to do siding and driveways because its seemed the norm, but if i did want to do roofs or even siding and Concrete, were can I find training and the know how to give quality service?

You can find all the know-how you need right here by searching the forum. You may also want to find someone who will let you do some labor for learning. A lot of guys are willing to do that if you ask.

As far as trailer size, there is a really good thread about trailers with pictures of a lot of guys’ rigs. I started off working out of the bed of an S-10, and that did ok. There are guys who are working out of trailers anywhere from 6’ to 20’, and everywhere in between. For residential, especially if you want to keep your budget small, you can set up a pretty nice little 6’ trailer for your Powerwasher and buffer tank, and keep your roof rig in the bed of your truck. That’s the setup that I was using, and it worked great! It seems that most trailer users are working with 10-12’ trailers, on average, judging from what I’ve seen here and on the other forums. (My winter project is a 10’ trailer for resi powerwashing and roof cleaning. It will have my 8gpm cold machine, buffer tank, chem tank, roof pump, hose reels mounted and still have room to spare)