Want to get the women in your life riled up?

Post this little gem found in a Thesaurus - housewifery! HAHA

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Ahhhhhh, Nope. I like my meals hot and preferably inside the house. :grin:


See my wife does all that but she also has a company credit card and she will tell you she will buy whatever she wants to and I smile and say ok

Good lord @GeorgeNicholson, you got a side gig as a divorce lawyer!

I am guessing you looked that up to show your wife what she should be doing?

I was in training back in 2013 and had a thesaurus open and saw this gem. Shared it back then and got about 120 negative comments from all the girls. I thought it was funny, wife thought I was an ■■■. Win Win for the both of us

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Honestly my divorce is one of the best things that’s happened to me in a lonnngggg time. I didn’t ask for it, but if shes going to give me a gift like that I’ll gladly take it.

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