Wanna buy out WCR?

Click here to buy Window Cleaning Resource for a mere $25,000,000

If you are a WCRA member you will save one million two hundred and fifty thousand dollars!!! Talk about getting a return on your [URL=“http://shopwindowcleaningresource.com/print/wcra-members-downloads-1/join-wcra/wcra-membership.html?a_aid=5c49a771&amp”]WCRA investment!

how did you/they come up with that number?

I think its a joke/trollin’

well they can get JC Power Wash for half that price

I got $753,000 in the bank. I’ll give you the $3,000 for it:cool:

I don’t think some of these pressure washers know much about WCR.

Better be careful what you say John. They may take you up on it and you would be out that whole $3k!!!

If so I want a job, John! Chris won’t give me one but hey, me and you go way back.

I’m not privy to what their sales numbers are but I know that two years ago it was over $4M a year and they have grown exponentially since then so…

Lol… That Powerwashing guy now owns WCR…lol. I just took my offer off the table;)

Want a job with me Thad…get in line:) Chris’s gross is in line with my cousins gross out in the Hamptons. Where just small potatoes to these guys…

Thanks John. Hate to see ya get hurt!! LoL

I know of at least one person who bought it but his check bounced!


Yea he really screwed up our system… lol