Vinyl picket fence

I have a customer that has a vinyl picket fence with lots of mold on it. What is the best way to deliver the bleach and detergent mixture on this type of fence?

We just downstream our house wash solution on vinyl fences.

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I do it also. The problem is that this picket fence has 1 inch wide pickets, seperated by 3 inches of open space. Each of the pickets has mold on all 4 sides. A lot of the solution will end up on the grass without ever hitting the fence. I was wondering if anyone has a technique for not wasting so much solution.

Shoot down the fence, not at a 90°. As parallel as you can so most of the mix hits the fence.

Good suggestion, Thad!

House wash mix for us too, there is no way I am scrubbing a fence to save solution. Dilution is the solution for grass and hit the fence generously with a house wash.

You could possibly brush it on to save some chem… But the time you lose doing that may not be worth it…