Vine siding soft wash problem

So I’m new to the power washing business and have done a couple vinyl siding jobs for family and friends to get some practice in. I did this job for a buddy of mine using 10% sodium hypochlorite and a squirt of dawn dish soap running through my downstream chemical injector. I apply the chems with the black soap tip and then rinse with the same. I rinsed this house like crazy because being new to this and using bleach i got nervous about staining. When he sent me these pictures he told me that he wet a paper towel and was able to wipe off some of it. Any thoughts on what this could be and how i could avoid this in the future? He did say that when he pushed on the siding at the seam, some soapy water came out. I know i might have answered my own question but i guess I’m asking if this is normal and how i would able to explain this to a customer i did not know. Thanks for any feedback.

You got water behind the siding. Don’t spray against the laps. Don’t use dawn. Black tip isn’t the best. Use a zero degree tip. Maybe an 0030 for your machine. NOT the red zero tip. Let it dry good then a light rinse and you’ll be ok

Thanks for your response…that makes me feel better. You say don’t use dawn, what do you suggest I use as a surfectant along with the bleach? I’ve heard laundry detergent but I’m not sure.

a little bit of this stuff goes a long way.

I was just reading another one of your posts about elemonator haha was going to give it a shot

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There are others that other people prefer, but just do us all a favor and promise us you’ll never use dawn or gain or whatever you can’t get at walmart ever again. Lol

Understood lol. Do you think the dawn is the reason I was left with the above picture a while after it dried and I rinsed like a madman

1000% you’ll always get wash out, but with dawn you better block off the week to get it rinsed out.

I just got a 5 gallon bucket of Elemonator delivered this week. Message me your name and address and I’ll ship you a liter of it since you didn’t give us some lame excuse why you’re going to keep using dawn.

Some people do that here. Lol