Vendors Good and not so good

I recently ordered PW equipment from several vendors. I am very pleased with I ordered in the middle of the night and the order was on its way that day and I received it the next day. Amazon was equally as fast. Another vendor I ordered from the same day and time still hasn’t sent my order. I called them today and they said it takes 3 days to process an order. So, it won’t even ship until Monday. This is unacceptable and I will not order from them again.

$2 says it’s Power Wash Store or Southside Equipment

@squidskc No, it was Water Cannon Inc. but I will keep in mind the other two you mentioned. The only reason I didn’t order everything from Pressuretek is that the item I ordered was not in stock. Lesson learned.

To be fair, Power Wash Store acknowledged their mistake and made it right and then some.

Southside Equipment’s owner blamed an employee and forgot to tell his accounting department I cancelled the order.

@squidskc knows who I think the best vendor is

well my favorite is PWP of Clearwater
everyone has their favorite

I used to really like powerwash store of Nashville but can’t even get a return phone call. recently I have had good luck with jc racenstein and pressure tek. I’ve gotten to where I buy local even if I have to pay a little more. I must say that I really liked the apple wash. I wish somewhere else had the apple scent

I really like Apple wash too. Was using snotmenade but Apple wash is great.

Pressure Tek is the bomb. Nuff said

Maybe @Innocentbystander can talk with Bob and have him develope an apple wash “type” of product to go with his elemonator. :thinking:


I tore it up but there was a check for $20k on top of my delivery ticket on my desk yesterday morning

That’s a good vendor and even better friend. MVP Landa

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