Van wrap

Opinions on wrap proposal. Also posting the metal signs for our open trailer as well. Please critique

I think it should work. The phone number on the van may be better served if not interrupted by the bold blue stripe but hard to see for sure at this resolution

I agree. Make the blue line smaller. It makes the number hard to read. I would also change font on services to something more simple and easy to read.

Little better resolution.

The better resolution confirms my belief that the phone number needs to drop the bold blue distraction.

Thanks for the feedback. I didn’t design so nobody hurting my feelings. It’s a big move. We are doing this van, a ranger, my personal f250 king ranch and the two trailer in all the same theme.

Looks good to me. I hope to do mine soon as well.

Looks good Brian. I was going to say why not put dashes between the phone number but it looks like there wouldn’t be enough room to do that.

How much does it cost to wrap a vehicle these days?

Yea that’s covered in the soft washing John. We wash about 500 resis a year. This is running me a grand.

I have had some feedback on the service font being used. It is not a traditional font, but I like it. I know it is for the clients eyes, but I like it. Sorry for so many post just getting it ironed out before we wrap 3 vehicles and have metal signs made for 2 trailers. We are in a high end area and none of my competitors are wrapped. Mostly crap magnets. This is going to set us apart on one more level as we continue to separate ourselves from the pack.

Ahhhhhh u caught my Edit Brian. I read your sign as “Soft Washing roofs” & completely missed the roof washing was separate at first… Also I agree about the wrap. Most people here don’t wrap their work vehicles and today I’d say it’s the way to go and does like you said puts you ahead of your competition. Nice job!

Thanks for all the feedback John. The info I have gotten from here has expanded our roof business big time. Along with the rest of our business.

Looks Great just another way to show your a professional and not a guy with a pick-up and a home depot pressure washer looking for the quick buck. If you wrap your personal truck do u need commercial plates?

Why not use the whole van or at least to the front of the front door or fender?

How much does something like that cost there?

My opinions:

Personally, I think that is the WORST location for the phone number - or any info for that matter. It’s going to hide in the shadows of the curve and no one will be able to read it as you’re driving by or away.

List your services in a row/easy to read (font and colors) or follow pattern and include a website. I’d be afraid if the lettering would get lost in the busy-ness of the background

Thanks for opinions guys. We can kill this thread. Having something different worked up.