Using Robert Hinderliters "Multitech" wash water recapture system

[COLOR=#333333]OK here is the video and some pics. When doing garages its all about the work. There is minimal time for me to take pics no less do a video. The first garage we did I had my good camera ready for action… but there was no time. The second garage two weeks later the time is minimal and of course I forgot my camera but the opportunity was there and we were just a ahead of schedule Sunday night when this garage had to be done and open for business Monday morning.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333]The video is raw. There are mistakes in there and I say them on film such as there should be another water bag berm on another drain right near me. I have my own [/COLOR]water separator[COLOR=#333333] I used a couple of times but on this video for whatever reason I didn’t catch myself calling it a “Water Simulator”. The sniffing was due to getting over flue like symptons this past week and also the after affects of doing a garage a couple of weeks ago and not wearing a dusk mask when we had so much sand go airborne due to the Epoxy paint on the floor not being done right on the last coat which caused a sand issue for this garage for over a year. That job they were thrilled we cleaned it which is what lead to this job.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333]Also the video is from my phone so its not to clear. But hey its all about working and [/COLOR]making money[COLOR=#333333] and if this can help some of you learned the ropes on how to do a garage then its all good. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333]Have questions then fire away and I’ll do the best I can to answer them.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333]As for Robert Hinderliters “Mutltitech” wash water Recapture system for the price it works excellent. To test it and I wish I showed where the guys not only used the sump pumps to suck up the water into those pods but my main guy took the Tennant sweeper and dumped in the vacuumed up sludge to see if its separates from the filters in the Pods you would have been impressed. The water SEPARATOR shows the water coming out with very little if any at all sludge in it.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333]Enjoy[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333] and be blunt. Speak your mind freely… I can take it.[/COLOR]

My PC is not letting me post pics here. Its saying no matter how small I make the pictures that I am over the limit in size.
Oh well. Any questions just fire away.

John, I see they made you an expert on this site.


Looking forward in seeing you at the Parking Garage Cleaning Event in March 2013 !!!

Just a thought here,

They should have a section devoted to Parking Garage Cleaning and / or Filtration issues discussionsns.

Just a respectful suggestion.

Or not. There currently is no shortage of organizations and avenues where one can sit and learn at the feet of the old masters.

There would be no benefit in diluting that knowledge base any further by dragging it over here, now would there?

Resectfully submitted,

Tim Fields

I wouldn’t mind it Jim. Use to love talking wood restoration which is here but today the challenges for me is those parking garages. Either way there’s always the commercial area here to discuss them.

My pal Paul L. on the east coast did a booth with the Parking garage association a year or two ago. I’ll see him if we can make the ACR RT march 9th. He’s very interested in hearing the finalized news on the Vegas event if you can close that deal.