Use Caution When Wearing Jewelry While Working

I haven’t worn a wedding ring in years. The second time I hung it in a ladder and almost degloved my finger I said, “No more.”

My friend got his caught behind some wiring. It’s a very visual reminder that rings and machinery often don’t mix well.

Yea haven’t ever worked in one. My grandad has a buddy who was getting off a log skidder and his ring got caught on the machine as he hopped off to quit for the day. No more ring finger.

I had a close call once. Ring got stuck inbetween the rungs of the ladder. I was able to slide my finger out though.

Do you still wear the ring?

That’s pretty crazy. I never would have even thought about that. My dad is an auto mechanic and I’m pretty sure he hasn’t taken his ring off in years. Probably couldn’t if you wanted to at this point.

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I’m getting a tat in place of my ring soon. Haven’t worn mine in a couple weeks. Not for the safety factor, but more cuz I don’t like wearing “jury.”

Yeah. I’m pretty thick headed

You’re gonna be skinny fingered if you’re not careful.

Looks like that ring possibly saved your finger in that instance.

That’s why I got my ring finger tattooed.

Ouch! you gotta be careful.