Upgrading/Finding a Truck Help

We are in the process right now of filling out LLC, making a list of all the equipment we need to start out, reaching out to friends and family for some free work.

My question is once we have our LLC filed, EIN, all that jazz, would it be better to buy just a brand new truck at 20-30k range and write it off if it’s strictly for business?
And does writing off a vehicle dependent on how much your company is grossing in revenue?

Or just save up the money from family, friends, and clients(Once we get insurance) and use that money?

We each have cars sadly and we are going to make it work as i’ve seen other people start with a car and work their way up. May be a little janky at first but i think the way you represent yourself in a face to face interaction matters the most. Even though a nice brand new truck with lettering does always look don’t get me wrong.

I know there are more risks involved if we buy a brand new truck, like if we don’t have customers in a time manner that fits with the payments etc.

So in theory- Save the money up OR Buy new and Write it Off

Find a good CPA in your area & give them a call. Mine told me a vehicle has to weigh at least 8,000 pounds to be a write off in TN. Find a good one! Get some recommendations. They are not all created equally.

Is that with our without equipment, 100 gallons of SH, and 275 gallons of water? :joy:

I was thinking a fancy boat & a stocked cooler would be a good way to boost the weight… and just throw out all that junk you mentioned.