Upgrading equipment, which trailer?

In the next couple of months I’m going to be upgrading my set up. What trailers do you guys like? I’m looking for something relatively compact and simple. I plan on having the buffer tank, mix tank, 12v set up, and 5.5 gpm set up, house reels, surface cleaner, and miscellaneous stuff. I’ve really been considering like a 6x12 single axle aluminum trailer. I never see anyone using aluminum trailers why is that? Anyways any input is appreciated thanks!

Hey Michael, chlorine can have a very corrosive effect on aluminum, especially if the aluminum gets hot.

I would plan on getting the biggest trailer your budget allows and then add 25-50% more ;>)

Get a tandem axle

You really should get a tandem. I have no experience with Aluminum trailers. I have a 6x12 and have plenty of room with soft wash setup and all, but a lot of people always say you’ll need more room. I haven’t run into that, but it something that is said.

No matter what size you get… you will always wish you had more space.
Go as big ad you can

Keep your vehicle’s towing capacity in mind

Some guys keep everything in the back of a pickup/service body, so space per se isn’t much the question, but rather what are you looking to load up on it, everything you mentioned can be compacted or stacked.

A big factor can be the size of your buffer tank and if you’ll have two machines and reels, and a hot box.

Parking is also an issue in some neighborhoods. But no issue for commercial, usually.

I personally think the smaller/compact the better, slim, professional, replicable. Kinda like truegreen trucks.

I think we should all get together and design the perfect PW vehicle. I feel the same about landscaping, there should be a vehicle that can lower the windshield like a jeep, but carry people like a van, can haul a trailer and load up in the back like a pickup.
Isuzu NPRs are kinda in the lead right now for those two industries, but dPerez mentioned something the other day about them not being reliable diesel vehicles.

I’d say get what works now, I started PWing but now our bread and butter is janitorial.