UPDATE: What Gives? WW Surface Cleaner

All knowing minds of PWRA, I come to you hat in hand. It takes a lot for me to give up troubleshooting, but here we are:

I have an 8 gpm Pressure Pro HW that I run daily, run two other WW SCs with no issue, they perform like a dream (19” and 28” Big Guy).

However, I have an auxiliary unit (4 gpm, 4200 psi Simpson) that I wanted to setup for smaller jobs. Purchased the 16” WW Ultra Clean (2x25025 tips) and short of standingon it/operating it perpendicular to the ground, can’t get it to “float” like it supposed to. Tried adding 5 lb (2x2.5 plates) to it and no better. Pretty worn out with it at this point. Help? Thoughts? Return?

To be clear it wants to fly up?

Only one side wanted to fly up, which I thought was weird. It has a 90 that came with it, which is on it as well.

Here is a pic of it as well:

Only one side flying up sounds like a clogged tip. I use a 16" with my 5.5 @ 2500 PSI and I’m getting 2000 PSI at the SC on the trigger with a gauge right before the handle. I have flying issues but a 2lb ankle weight makes it super stable. Almost too much weight.

I should have been more specific, the “front” of I t is lifting up, both tips are working fine. When I stood closer to the cover and had the handles practically perpendicular is when it operated more correctly. When I laid the handle out like normal (and stand further away) the cover was lifting on the front, and the skirt would drag in the back. I contacted PWP to see if I can return. Maybe exchange for another 19”.

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So my WW 19 came with a straight fitting, it would fly up so high I could barely hold it down. I saw some people recommending the 90 on here, so I put that on. It helped a lot, but it does exactly what yours is doing. It’s great pushing forward, but if I go back at all it flies up on one side. I do have mine clocked 180* from yours. I put some weight on it and it’s a lot better… but ya, I’m interested to hear what people have to say about this.

My ankle weight prevents that by placing the weight in the front velcro’d around the spindle. I have a 90 on mine too.

I am running 25035 tips for my 5.5GPM though.

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Ditto, 2# ankle weight positioned at the front of the swivel. I’d actually like to take a half pound out so it floats a bit better.

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An adjustable ankle weight like this one would do

Fragraim Adjustable Ankle Weights 1-3/4/5/6/8/10/12 LBS Pair with Removable Weight for Jogging, Gymnastics, Aerobics, Physical Therapy, 2 Pack https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08H2JTPK7/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_JnZTFbM5C0FT8

That’s what I have on my 19” WW Classic (that I run on my 8gpm) and they work great.

I’m beginning to think I have a defective unit, because I’ve never had one act like this before. Gonna call WW Customer Service tomorrow to try and get resolved. Will post anything noteworthy.

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First thing they’re going to tell you is take the 90 off I bet. Just for kicks, try rotating the 90 180 degrees. You’ve got 4000psi hitting the backside of the 90 on a lightweight cleaner has got to have some effect not to mention just the stiffness of the hose under pressure the way you have mounted.

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Do you have any pictures of the bottom

Additional information I should’ve provided:

  • I have taken the 90 off once already, did not notice significant change either way.
  • I rotated the 90 180deg to troubleshoot that as well, talk about putting the hose in a bind!
  • I had previously (2 yrs ago) run a 20” hammerhead on this unit successfully, but slowly.
    -Just seeking to supplement my 8/3500, 28”big guy/19” classic setup that truly cleans like a dream.

For general information, attached is an image of how Pressuretek has the unit setup, identical to mine.

Thanks everyone for trying to help with this troubleshoot.

Oh wait, I just thought of something.

If your handle swivel bolts attached to the cover are too tight, when you pull back the skirt will catch and lift up a bit. Keep those fairly loose but not enough to rattle.

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Good to know you’ve done all that. Give WW a call. They’re nice people. Call them pretty regularly.

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Good Morning All,

Okay, just got off the phone with James at Whisper Wash, and he was very helpful. Cliffs Notes:

His solution: Tighten the hardware where the bracket and nylon spacers are (mine is pretty tight, but will tighten more). He says that will hold the cover in place, so to speak, and keep it from dragging up on aggregate on the concrete. Also said I shouldn’t need the additional weight at all. :man_shrugging:

4" for every 4 GPM: According to him this is myth. It is more about what you are cleaning. Of course weight and lift are factors, but he said he has seen guys get results from a “mondo” with a 4 gpm. If you haven’t heard of this bad boy, check it out here, a smooth 2k gets you into one of these: https://whisperwashonline.com/product/whisper-wash-mondo-force-49-surface-cleaner/
It all depends on the surface. To others point on here (IBS) he said a 16" cleans so well because it has the shortest swivel bar, therefore traveling the fastest (more rotations over an area as you travel). Makes sense if you think about it.

He has heard of guys abandoning a 28" big guy on a job for a 19" because of the resiliency of the soiling on the surface requiring more rotation to achieve a result.

Anyway, sorry the Cliffs Notes got long winded, but the guy was really nice, and more than happy to help and to discuss pressure washing in general. He also advocates pre/post treating surfaces.

Hope this helps the forum. And thanks everyone for your responses. Much appreciated!


No he hasn’t, that’s BS. I’ve cleaned too much concrete to read and ignore that. 49inch surface cleaner on a 4gpm isn’t cleaning anything, your practically just rinsing. Don’t believe the vendors, get your advice from professionals.


In all fairness James is pretty sharp and does reach out to contractors for insights as well. I have demo’d and given feedback for them several times and in return get goodies from them. he may have been exaggerating to prove a point about the mondo and 4gpm. Whisper Wash is good folks.


I’m sure it could be done if you have an ant pushing the thing, it’ll get clean eventually